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From France to India

Epileo uses French technical standards in hair removal protocols & Beauty facial rituals and also offers a global wellness experience.

  • Assistance in developing exclusive ambiance of salon
  • Training Package to you & your staff
  • Communication kit and business development support with continuous promotion both online and offline.
  • Continuous management assistance to make your salon a sussess

Epileo’s Promoters


Building on its core strength of high-skill training in Spa & Beauty therapies since 1969, Elegance Group France extends its operations in India by launching its subsidiary, offering 360° Wellness Solutions to the Indian Beauty & Wellness promoters. Their mission is to replicate their French success model in India to become a leading company in the Beauty, Spa and Wellness sector, with bespoken solutions backed by Training, Spa Advisory, selected high-profile Equipment & Product ranges and completed with Management services to boost the Spa & Beauty Salons’ performance and profitability. As one of the leading French companies in the beauty and spa sector, Elegance France provides the highest level of technics and services in waxing, facials, make-up, nails and beauty treatments.


Since 2004, Ocea Marine Cosmetics company has been closely associated with the internationally renowned French Marine and Natural Cosmetics group THALG0 to develop the Beauty & Skincare market in India. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Pathar, and ably aided by CEO, Ms.Gayatri Sali, the company has taken great strides and Ocea Marine started out as the sole distributor in India, Nepal & Bhutan for Thalgo & Perron Rigot , ofering a wide range of products for skin care & body care (for both men and women), waxing, sun care, nutritional supplements as well as equipment for beauty solutions. And now, with the launch of its operations to Maldives, the Ocea Marine horizon has just widened further. The company has had wave after wave of success. Today, thanks to Ocea Marine, Thalgo Group France has carved out just as well known a niche in the Indian spa & salon industry, as it has done worldwide.

Epileo’s Salon Model

Epileo proposes 3 salon modules, as per the site space (from 350 to 700 sq ft) and budget of your choice, composed of:

  • Skin Care Cabins
  • Waxing Care Cabins
  • Make Up and Manicure Station
  • Relax Zone
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Epileo’s Menu

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